Saturday, May 16, 2015

iphone earpods

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zinio Magazines on Ipad

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michelle Obama's Family Tree

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 25

I had a jump start on this one. I went through the "get ready for More Things on a Stick" section, and had checked out the more gadgets (widgets) and added a lot to my blog.

I listened to the 5 part video on widgets, and found it easy to understand. I tried to find the flickr slideshow widget, but so far have only figured out how to get one of my pics from my photostream onto my blog. I'm going to keep looking for the example they showed. I want the widget to show all of my pics!

I'm so excited...I listened to my own blog posts!! What a great idea...especially for those who have an MP3 player, and walk everyday. The only blogs that wouldn't work with this are those that demonstrate my knitting blogs?!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thing 24

I found a new look for my blog, added some more gadgets (widgets), updated my avatar, and worked in my profile...what a difference! I like both of my blogs, old and new. I made them totally different from one another! Updating the avatar was pretty easy, but I'm wondering if it wasn't too easy. I went into yahoo avatars, and if you update your avatar it automatically changes it on your blog, so you don't have to figure out how to get it on your blog. I confess, I don't remember how I got my avatar loaded on my blog.

Blog prompt answers:
I have trouble finding time to blog on 23 Things, so I haven't started other blogs! Quite frankly, I don't like blogging near as much as I like reading others' blogs. I like reading blogs on topics other than 23 hobbies. I found a number on knitting. How helpful, they make up the item, and blog about any problems with the pattern or give tips to make the process easier, and best of all post a picture of the finished product. No, I don't comment on others' blogs

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thing 23

I never dreamed there was so much out there! This program helped foster some confidence-let me tell you!! It was so exciting when things actually worked!

My favorite tool was "Don't Forget the Milk!" I just love the concept of being able to access the grocery list while in town if memory fails. When we were first married my husband went to town without the list. I called the grocery store to tell him what was on it. They paged him but murdered our name so badly that I was sure he wouldn't answer that page. Well, he didn't, but he had presence of mind enough to call home to see if it was actually for him!

We worked together a lot here in the library. If one of us got stuck trying to do something, a consultation took place until we got it figured out.

I will be starting More Things as soon as I am finished with this thing!

Becoming more tech savvy with 23 Things on a Stick!

Thing 22

I have taken quite some time to complete 23 things on a stick, so have been using the the different 2.0 tools that I found useful. I have to say the number of tools covered has been overwhelming!! My plan is to set aside 15 minutes a day, which means I might have to cover different tools on different days of the week! My blog will definitely continue to be used-More 23 things on a stick has been announced, so will be starting that as soon as I am finished with number 23!! This is a wonderful place to go for a list of web 2.0 tools It will help me keep up on the new tools.